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Event: Ro Slayers Easter Sunday Special


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Mechanics: Spring Rabbits will be summoned all over the world of Midgard. Hunt each one and loot the item known as “Jelly Bean”. Exchange this with our mod @LanayaStarr/Jhenn for an item of your choice.

When? April 18, 2022. Spring Rabbits will be summoned between 4AM UTC to 5AM UTC.

Who can join? @everyone

Items that can be exchanged with Jelly Bean:

10pcs – 1pc x3

BM 20pcs – 1pc BG

30pcs – 7days VIP Ticket

50pcs – Costume 1 Holy(Easter) Egg Shell

75pcs – Costume Flapping Angel Wings

100pcs – Costume Archangel’s Wings

Exchange time: April 18, 2022 @ 1PM UTC. Just find our mod @LanayaStarr/Jhenn during this time somewhere in Prontera Town.

Have fun Slayers!
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