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03/20/2022 Patch Notes


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03/20/2022 Patch Notes:

-Increased Daily SLYR Limit from 16 to 17 both for Free-to-play and SLYR Holders

-Increased the chance of SLYR Token drop for Free-to-play to up to 2X from original rate.

-Oracle Update: SLYR Limit for SLYR Holders will start to increase gradually until it reaches its hard cap.

-SLYR Badge Holders now have the chance to get up to 2 SLYR Tokens per drop.

-Increased the chance of SLYR Token from the Event Pack

-Added Event Pack from the Devil's Square treasure chests

-Removed Add to Storage restrictions from the Grace set parts

-Fixed mapflags for non-Nightmare PvP maps to avoid dropping of items

-Updated SLYR Costume & Equipment Shop

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